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How We Work

We're looking for young talented students with high performance and help them get either partial scholarships or full scholarships depending on their performance / credits on his or her certificates.

The partial scholarship cover only tuition fee. Transport, accomodations, Visa and other living expenses must covered by guardian/parents.

Students will be interviews to learn of their tallents and passion. Certificates will be asked for after being certified and advice given accordingly.

Parents/guardian must write a letter to UBCNewhope Studyoverseas to permit that we should proceed with application for her/his student to a destination country. By writing commitment letter means agreement of scholarship terms has been reached.

Then parents will pay agreed payment for general facilitation inclusive first Year tuition fee which is non-refundable once the service has been provided.

After the student get their scholarships and arrived in the university, UBCNewhope Studyoverseas will no longer be responsible for cancelation of registration.

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