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What We Do

New Hope Study Overseas works hand in hand with the parents/guardians of the undergraduate students and older students to get them to a goal of attaining education overseas. Most Talented students will get a chance for a full or partial scholarship at the best universities, where they can prove their special powers. The Universities can employ them, so they can earn to be able to cater for their daily needs and to clear part if not all of their school fees while still studying.

Students benefit from:

  1. Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students.
  2. Best students reach their goals early.
  3. Poor talented students get a chance to study stress-free while they also earn.
  4. Work as they study to reduce the burden of school fees and cost of living, hence also gaining working experience.
  5. Get a chance to pay school fees in installments.
  6. Undergraduate students get don't pay for the processing of their studies/scholarships.

Undergraduate Students

As we envision to bettering the lives of young students to reach their goals early, we look for students who are most talented and give them a chance to study overseas. This student's do not necessarily have to be weather or be able to afford. The best form 4 students are interviewed and selected for a possible scholarship in some of the best universities.

This help them reach their goals at very young age after being introduced to their future dream careers at a still tender age. This enables the students to reach their full potential on what they really desire in life. Undergraduate students enjoy a FREE processing fee for their scholarships.


Our services extend to the graduates too. We will organize for your further studies overseas at a small processing fee. While at the University, we can organize for a job which will help you cater for your small needs including school fee if not under a scholarship program.

Graduate students can already choose the kind of course they wish to take to further their careers or to top up their studies.

Ready to reach your life goal?